Artificial Intelligence

AI is the study of intelligent agents: reasoning, knowledge representation, planning, robots, etc.

  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence ANI
  • Artificial General Intelligence AGI
  • Artificial Superinteligence ASI

Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) - programs that learn from data and make predictions.

Types of predictions:

  • regression: continuous values
  • classification: discreet values or labels

Types of ML algorithms:

  • supervised: trained on labeled data (regression or classification)
  • unsupervised: trained on unlabeled data (clustering, segmentation)
  • reinforcement: learning based on outcomes/results of actions

Deep Learning: AI/ML using artificial neural networks (ANNs)

Types of ANN:

  • Dense Neural Networks (DNN)
  • Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)
  • Recurrent Neural Netowkrs (RNN)