Amusing offer for dedicated servers from

2012-04-21 ·

A couple of days ago I received a newsletter from, a pretty known, Polish hosting provider. Their offer troubled me a bit: at first glance prices seemed a bit higher than the competition. I started dig in to be sure that my intuition is right. Two particular options came to my attention:

  1. Home Entry XL
  2. Home Pro Advanced

Let's quickly compare it with my favorite provider of dedicated servers, i.e. Hetzner.

- Home Entry XL Home Pro Advanced Hetzner X4 Hetzner EX5
Processor AMD Opteron 6128 AMD Opteron 6134 AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ Intel Core i7-920
Processor Speed 8 Core x 2.0 GHz 2 x 8 Core x 2.3 GHz 2 Core x 2.8 GHz 4 Core x 2.67 GHz
CPU Mark (1) 4,987 2,938 - 5515
RAM 8 GB 32 GB 4 GB 24 GB
HDD 2 x 500GB RAID 1 4 x 2TB RAID 0/1 2 x 400GB RAID 1 2 x 750GB RAID 1
Setup Fee (2) ~ 734 EUR ~ 734 EUR 0 EUR 49 EUR
Monthly Fee ~ 170 EUR ~ 381 EUR 49 EUR 59 EUR

All prices are brut (VAT in PL is 23%, in DE is 19%).

(1) after CPU Benchmark (2) with you must sign up for a contract (fee for 1-3 months) proposed pretty amusing price for the setup. It might indicate that they are still a small company (mitigating the provision cost of new hardware). The idea to have a contract only amplifies possible friction of selling process. Monthly fee for their offerings is much higher and their promotion is cumbersome. Draw your own conclusions, but to me, it's clear that guys at just missed the point with such offering...

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