How To Export PostgreSQL Query Output as CSV

\o puts the query output into file at given location. PostgreSQL must have write privileges to that location.

\f ','
\o /tmp/output.csv

\f set field separator \a set output format unaligned \t show only tuples

Then, just run the query

SELECT * FROM widgets;

Another approach using \copy

\copy (SELECT * FROM widgets LIMIT 10;) TO '~/path/on/filesystem/file.csv' CSV HEADER
  • queries must be single line
  • if the database doesn't have access to the filesystem, output to STDOUT

It's required to quote the columns if there are timestamp fields in the DB.

\copy (SELECT * FROM widgets ) TO '~/path/to/file.csv' DELIMITER ',' QUOTE '"' FORCE QUOTE * HEADER CSV

Command Line

psql -d dbname -t -A -F"," -c "select * from widgets" > output.csv

This method doesn't include column headers.

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