Jul 23, 2021

Gameyard: React.js + GraphQL + Prisma + Tailwind

In this live stream I plan to build a simple web application for listing video games. The objective is to discuss the following topics:

  • creating React.js apps in TypeScript using React Hooks
  • creating GraphQL servers in Node.js
  • showing how React.js apps can communicate over GraphQL using the urql library
  • using Prisma ORM to interact with a PostgreSQL instance

The stream will be 1h-1.5h long. I may not be able to cover everything in one stream. In that case I will split it into 2 or 3 live streams. My focus is to get the app working in the shortest possible time, so I won't be explaining the basic stuff. It may be slightly overwhelming for beginners, but it will be also a chance to see and experience the process of building a modern web applications.

The stream will happen on my YouTube channel - subscribe and click the notificaiton bell.