Heroku Taps - PGError time zone displacement out of range

2012-07-21 · 1 min read

While using heroku db:push command with ruby 1.9.3 you may encounter the following error:

schema_migrat: 100% |==========================================| Time: 00:00:00
places:          0% |                                          | ETA: --:--:--
Saving session to push_201207251537.dat..
!!! Caught Server ExceptionHTTP
CODE: 500
Taps Server Error: PGError: ERROR:  time zone displacement out of range:
  "2012-03-27 12:00:00.000000+5894433600"

The solution is to switch locally to ruby 1.9.2 before pushing the database with heroku db:push. Once it's completed, you can switch back to ruby 1.9.3.

Check this issue on GitHub for more details.