Installing python 2.7 on osx with homebrew

2012-04-30 · 1 min read

Installing Python with Homebrew may have some quirks. Keep reading to see how to do it the right way.

Let's start by updating Homebrew repository

brew update

then we install Python (2.7 in my case)

brew install python

Now, we should switch to PIP as advised via this poster

Unfortunately, Homebrew installer puts easy_install package in the following directory


Presumably, you have only /usr/local/bin in your PATH. In such case executing easy_install will take the Python binary that is bundled with OSX. We must change it to keep things fine and dandy on your system.

Let’s add /usr/local/share/python/easy_install to the PATH. Next, check if it’s pointing to the valid file with which command

which easy_install # => /usr/local/share/python/easy_install

Now, we can finally install PIP.

easy_install pip

Let’s try and install a package, e.g. psutil

pip install psutil

and import it inside Python REPL.

$ python
>>> import psutil

It works!

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