Media (MIME) types for SOAP versions

2015-07-07 · 1 min read

RFC7303 clarifies that there is no difference between text/xml and application/xml.

The registration information for text/xml is in all respects the same as that given for application/xml above (Section 9.1), except that the "Type name" is "text".

SOAP is, however, a pretty old protocol and each media type is treated differently.

text/xml is the SOAP 1.1 content type and application/soap+xml is the content type for SOAP 1.2.

Axis2 will use SOAPMessageFormatter for those content types while application/xml is only used to format the XML using ApplicationXMLFormatter which won't generate a proper SOAP request.

You can set SOAP version on the client using setSOAPVersionURI() method i.e.


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