PostgreSQL 9.2 Beta - Better Performance, JSON added

2012-05-18 · 1 min read

PostgreSQL Global Development Group announced the beta release of PostgreSQL 9.2. Improvements include:

  • better horizontal and vertical scalability
  • index-only scanning - searches avoid reading the underlaying tables
  • data writing speed-up with group commit feature
  • reductions in CPU power consumption
  • horizontal scalability includes support for cascading replication
  • support for JSON data type which allows to create hybird document-relational database
  • new number range types: INT4RANGE, INT8RANGE, NUMRANGE
  • new date/timestamp range types: TSRANGE, TSTZRANGE, DATERANGE

This beta release is not advised to be used in production. The final version of PostgreSQL 9.2 is scheduled for the third quarter of this year.

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