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PostgreSQL Full Text Searching

2018-01-09 · 2 min read

Full Text Searching is a feature that allows to identify natuaral-language documents (textual entities) matching a query. It provides a lingustic support that goes beyond regular expressions by handling the derived forms of words e.g. declension, conjugation, etc. As a result it brings more relevency to search results.

Let’s create an example data set.

CREATE TABLE articles (
  title TEXT NOT NULL,
  content TEXT NOT NULL,
  meta JSONB

Each document consists of few text column and a JSONB column with some metadata inside.

tsvector is a PostgreSQL data type that provides the optimum performance for full text searching. This column holds a subset of content from other fields in a form adapted for full text searching. It concatenates and normalizes textual content from those other fields.

CREATE INDEX document_idx ON articles USING gin(document);

Once created it needs to be filled with desired values. In the following example we decided to provide full text searching for the content of title, content column along with a tags field from JSONB column. Each column can have a weight to specify its importance with A being the most important and D being the least important.

UPDATE articles
SET document =
  setweight(to_tsvector(coalesce(title,'')), 'A') ||
  setweight(to_tsvector(coalesce(content,'')), 'B') ||
  setweight(to_tsvector(coalesce(meta->>'tags','')), 'D');

Additionally, there should be a trigger to update the field on INSERT/UPDATE whenever one of the source columns changes.

CREATE FUNCTION articles_document_trigger() RETURNS trigger AS $$
  new.document :=
    setweight(to_tsvector(coalesce(title,'')), 'A') ||
    setweight(to_tsvector(coalesce(content,'')), 'B') ||
    setweight(to_tsvector(coalesce(meta->>'tags','')), 'D');
  return new;
$$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;

The trigger will be run just before any INSERT or UPDATE operation.

ON articles
FOR EACH ROW EXECUTE PROCEDURE articles_document_trigger();

Here’s a query to search for documents matching a specific term i.e. a word or sequence of words

SELECT id, title
FROM articles, plainto_tsquery('postgresql') AS q
WHERE (document @@ q);

Here’s a query to search for documents starting with a specific word:

SELECT id, title
FROM articles, tsquery('simple', 'postgresql:*') AS q
WHERE (document @@ q);

Full text seaching is a powerful feature of PostgreSQL. It provides a convenient and performant technique to query for textual data. There is no need for additional software or libraries to start using it. Everything is stored in a single database. This way it is easier to manage and maintain.

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