Common Lisp

FSet functional library for Common Lisp for a better experience.

Compile-Time Computing.

Rigetti uses Common Lisp to build compilers and simulators for quantum computers.

SBCL stands for Steel Bank Common Lisp.

In SBCL, there is (declare (optimize (speed 3))) which can be put at the top of a function and the compiler will give useful feedback when it can’t optimize something and suggest type hints to improve performance.

ABCL is a Common Lisp on the JVM.

Common Lisp makes binding to C libraries easy via CFFI or via things likecl-autowrap.

Common Lisp can build a self-contained binary, thus easier to deploy.

pgloader got rewritten from Python to Common Lisp.

Python Integration

It is possible to use Python libraries in Common Lisp via py4cl.

Web Development

Weblocks is a web framework for Common Lisp.

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