TypeScript's Built-In Type Declarations with the `--lib` Compiler Option

Since version 2.0, the built-in standard library type declarations have been split into modules in TypeScript. This allows to select which (of those built-in) declarations to include in the project.

There are several groups which can be defined with the --lib compiler option (or via the lib property in tsconfig.json):

  • dom
  • webworker
  • es5
  • es6 / es2015
  • es2015.core
  • es2015.collection
  • es2015.iterable
  • es2015.promise
  • es2015.proxy
  • es2015.reflect
  • es2015.generator
  • es2015.symbol
  • es2015.symbol.wellknown
  • es2016
  • es2016.array.include
  • es2017
  • es2017.object
  • es2017.sharedmemory
  • scripthost

By default, if not set explicitly, TypeScript will include type declarations needed for web development, depending on the target:

  • for ES5 as target: dom, es5 and scripthost
  • for ES6 as target: dom, dom.iterable, es6 and scripthost

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