RuPy 12 - Connecting Hemispheres

2012-03-01 ·

RuPy 11 was an amazing event. Since our beginning in 2007, the 4th edition may have been the best RuPy ever! During all those years, we worked hard to provide the community with unforgettable experience. We created RuPy as a conference trying to reach « a real value », and cutting, as much as possible, all unnecessary stuff along the way. Our marketing approach, for example, has often been so poorly executed that many believed it would not work. Still, it worked. Our only priority has been high quality. We did fail often, but done was more important for us that perfect.

Beyond that, RuPy has always been about diversity. From the beginning we didn’t want to stick with a particular technology or solution, we were rather interested in contrasting and comparing different approaches and diving into modern, still unexplored, technology solutions. Confronting different point of views was important for us. Therefore we decided to build a conference that would be international from the beginning and we did something pretty crazy and unusual, back then, in 2007 : half of invited speakers were not Polish and we forced the use of English exclusively during the conference

The latter was not only to facilitate the communication, but also to help local community. I remember that people (even among the committee) were pretty frightened by those two ideas. Speaking only English seemed difficult for many, but at least feasible. The idea of inviting external, foreign speakers, however, looked completely unacceptable, not to mention financial issues being brought to the table during each discussion as a main reason to drop it. But in the end, foreign speakers came to the conference – RuPy veterans know the story.

Between 2007 and 2011, we accommodated great speakers: Tarek Ziadé, Cloves Carneiro Jr., Olle Jonsson, Michael Foord, Andrzej Krzywda, Giuseppe Romagnoli, Michael Dirolf, David Goodger, Scott Chacon, Charles Olivier Nutter, Zed Shaw, Jay Fields, Christopher Arndt, Jonathan Hartley, Andreas Jung, Rida al Barazi, Ry Dahl, Pedro Sousa, Julian Fischer, José Valim, Xavier Noria, Yehuda Katz, Obie Fernandez, David Beazley, Fred George, Sven Fuchs, Josh Kalderimis along with all those who contributed by responding to CFP. I tend to think that RuPy is somehow a special event: one that embraced diversity and multiculturalism, despite being in a Polish realm; and one who brought local Ruby & Python communities to the next level.

This year, we are again taking a new direction – with the idea to bring RuPy to the next level and make it global. This fall, there will be two simultaneous editions, one will take place in Brno (Czech Republic) and the other in Sao Paulo (Brazil). Our committee has always been multinational: Belarus, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Poland. That is why we decided not to stay in Poznan this year but to move to Brno and Sao Paulo. We are more European or World citizens than Polish. Having a conference across two hemispheres is also a tremendous way to stimulate exchanges and to let new synergies emerge.

I hope you enjoy the idea as we do. If it is so, join us and help us connecting continents and communities.

I would like to thank all people that supported us during all those years, for the trust you gave us, and that you were forgiving us patiently all fuck-ups along the way.

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