Deployment Status on HipChat for Rails Apps

2012-05-07 · 1 min read

HipChat is a great product, it is probably the most important tool at Nukomeet. It works as a kind of information hub that centralizes our communication.

We really like HipChat integrations, they provide an easy way to interact with 3rd party services. For example, we set up Heroku and Capistrano so the team gets notifications about deployment of our Rails applications. These integrations are extremely easy to set up.

Hipchat w/ Heroku

HipChat integrations with Heroku is about executing one line from the command line:

heroku addons:add deployhooks:http \

Token is accessible from

https://<your organization>

Room IDs can be viewed via

https://<your organization>

HipChat w/ Capistrano

Capistrano Integration with HipChat requires a bit more work, but it is still quite easy. You start by adding mojotech/hipchat gem to your Gemfile, followed by bundle install. Next step is to add require 'hipchat/capistrano' to config/deploy.rb along with some settings:

set :hipchat_token, "<your token>"
set :hipchat_room_name, "Your room"
set :hipchat_announce, false # notify users

And that’s all. Enjoy your HipChat integration with Heroku or Capistrano.

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