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Removing things from Git

2015-04-06 · 1 min read

Remove a file in the most recent state

The following command removes the file from the repository and deletes it from the local file system:

git rm file.txt
git commit -m "remove file.txt"

To remove the file from the repository while not deleting it from the local file system, use:

git rm --cached file.txt

Similar for directories:

git rm -r dir
git commit -m "remove dir"

BFG Cleaner

The BFG Repo-Cleaner is a faster, simpler alternative to git filter-branch for removing unwanted data. For example, to remove any file named 'Rakefile' (and leave your latest commit untouched), run:

bfg --delete-files Rakefile To replace all text listed in passwords.txt wherever it can be found in your repository's history, run:

bfg --replace-text passwords.txt

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2100907/how-to-remove-delete-a-large-file-from-commit-history-in-git-repository http://stackoverflow.com/questions/307828/completely-remove-file-from-all-git-repository-commit-history

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