Shared DB to Postgres:Dev Migration on Heroku

2012-07-23 · 1 min read

In order to migrate your Shared DB to Postgres:Dev plan on Heroku, follow these steps:

Turn on the maintance mode

λ heroku maintenance:on

Add Postgres:Dev plan to your app

λ heroku addons:add heroku-postgresql:dev

Adding heroku-postgresql:dev to YOUR_APP... done, v10 (free)
Attached as HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_xxxxxx
Database has been created and is available

where xxxxxx is an uniq color name e.g. GREEN, VIOLET, etc.

Backup the data

λ heroku pgbackups:capture --expire

SHARED_DATABASE (DATABASE_URL)  ----backup--->  b002
Capturing... done
Storing... done

It creates a most recent backup of your database.


λ heroku pgbackups:restore HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_xxxxxx

HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_xxxxxx  <---restore---  b002 (most recent)
                                          SHARED_DATABASE (DATABASE_URL)

It restores your previous backup on the new database created with Postgres:Dev plan.

Switch the database

λ heroku pg:promote HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_xxxxxx

Promoting HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_xxxxxx to DATABASE_URL... done

It makes the new database as primary for your application. You can check if everything is OK with heroku config.

Turn off the maintance mode

λ heroku maintenance:off

It's done, your database should be properly migrated.